Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Bursa Tour From Istanbul Green Bursa Tour

Bursa Tour From Istanbul: This daily departure day trip to bursa from Istanbul is available everyday.

Daily Bursa Tour as know Green Bursa Tour covers historical and natural sites in Bursa, Turkey.

Tour Information

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Bursa Tour From Istanbul's Tour Itinerary

Tour Duration: Full Day Green Bursa Tour From Istanbul
Tour Pick up from hotel: 08:30 - 09:00 Depart from Istanbul to Bursa after pick up service.
Tour Drop off at the hotel: 22:00 Return back to hotel in Istanbul.
Tour Guide Available: English speaking tour guide.

Sites to visit During the Bursa Tour From Istanbul :

  • Car Ferry From Istanbul To Yalova: It is ferry sightseeing and experience of the view of Istanbul from the Marmara see.
  • Bus Sightseeing From Yalova to Bursa: Before the experiences of Bursa city, you will have the experiences of the sea side and rural area of Yalova and Bursa.
  • Cheir Lift: Climbing up to mountain by bus and cheir lat the peak of the Mountain (2543.)
  • Free Time On Top Of Uludag Mountain: Walk and discovery of mountain on your own and experience the nature.
  • Visiting the Green Social Complex: Green Mosque, Green Tomb, Ottoman House, Silk Market, Breaking on the way for taking picture.
  • Lunch: It is in the local restaurants on the mountain's skirts (800m).
  • Shopping: Bursa is know with one of the largest manufacturing sector of the Turkey. So for the reason you may have the opportunities to things from manufacturing places: Turkish Delight Manufacturing, Honey manufacturing, Silk Bazaar and (600 years old Antique Turkish Bath).

Bursa Tour From Istanbul's Includes Of The Tour

Hotel Pickup Service
Hotel Drop off Service
English Speaking Tour Guide
Lunch in a local restaurant
All entrance fees for museums
Land transportation by non-smoking and air-conditioned tourist vehicles
Local Taxess
Service Charge

Bursa Tour From Istanbul's Excludes Of The Tour

Personal Expenses
Tips to driver and tour guide (not compulsory upto your satisfaction)
Drinks and Dinner
Pay By Credit Card
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Adult(65 Age)EUR 41.00(18%)
Child(12-17 Age)EUR 36.00 (28%)
Child(08-11 Age)EUR 32.00(36%)
Child(03-07 Age)EUR 27.00 ( 46%)
Child(00-02 Age)EUR 0.00 (100%)
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Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul's Read reviews

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul was nice


spending good time in bursa tour, thank you very much, especially, to tour guide he was excellent and helped us for all our needs.

Bursa Tour was excellent


Exellent day trip. Thank you for all your help. We have spent excellent time our holiday in Bursa, Turkey

Very nice day tour to bursa from istanbul

Azeam Amaan

A very nice bursa tour that we enjoyed. Started with a transportation; was nice and they picked us up from the hotel. Food, cable chair ride for Uludag Mountain in Bursa, Ferry journey, sightseeing on the way, amazing view amazing. Excellent experience recommend this tour to every one who like nature.

Great Experience about the city of Bursa

Karanna Batt

Enjoyable, excellent sightseeing to go bursa from Istanbul. The tour and guide in the tour was excellent. I enjoyed and ed to nature. Thanks.

Excellent day trip from Istanbul


We enjoyed the bursa day trip. Thank you. All the best for all your help to spend a good day out of Istanbul, will recommend your service.

Daily Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Aston Matthews

Enjoyable day trip from Istanbul to Bursa: We join while in Istanbul and went to Bursa within a group it was nice day tour and city of Bursa should be visited during a holiday. Everything was excellend from beginning to end of the tour. With my family we have got great experiences in our bursa tour. Recommend.

Daily Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Aston Matthews

Enjoyable day trip from Istanbul to Bursa: We join while in Istanbul and went to Bursa within a group it was nice day tour and city of Bursa should be visited during a holiday. Everything was excellend from beginning to end of the tour. With my family we have got great experiences in our bursa tour. Recommend.

Great tour to bursa

Asura Gazi

Bursa is the city which everyone should visit during their holiday and enjoy a day which is excellent and enjoyable for winter. We had spend great time. Thanks a lots.

Excellent bursa tour

Nadime alansoor

With friend i went and i was ill but, we enjoy our day and i forgot by illness. It was one of the best day in my holiday in Turkey. evereythings was excellent thank but big thank you to the hogan Montain and ice and all activites telesiyaj even was so joyfull thank you and thank you again.

Bursa Tour

Tracey Dee

I want to leave a not about Bursa Tour: The bursa tour that i have done was nice, should be better with little changes. At the end, we have spend good time and enjoy our day in Bursa.

Excellent day in Bursa

Willy Jinks

I was solo traveler and joined to the Bursa Tour from Istanbul and enjoyed the nature within a group tour which was started on time and with a great friendly tour guide. I hihgly recommend to everyone to go this city and enjoy a day in nature.

Bursa Tour

Nikki Sharma

Everyone should visit the city of Bursa, we have done and it was great experiences during the winter. Me and my family enjoyed lots. Recommend it to everyone, if you think to go.

Bursa Tours

Kathie Kate

With group of friends went to bursa tour, enjoyed the day and tour of bursa. Thanks to everyone, we will recommend your organization of bursa. all the best.

Bursa Tours

Agathe Konan

I was solo traveller and i have joined to the Bursa tour from Istanbul. It took about 3 hours by car ferry (it was great journey from istanbul to yalova) and then drive to bursa. We used them within a group tour. I had a tour guide speaking in English languages. He was very nice. I used teleferic which has a wonderful view. Lunch was very good as well. I recommended.

Bursa Tour

Lina Andson

Bursa tour was excellent, we visited the Uldag mountain, used the cable car, visiting the green mosque and green tobm and enjoyed the nature with family, and spend excellent time on top of mountain of Uluday in Bursa. I highly recomment to everyone to try this experiences.

Bursa Tour

Zahra Rad

Wherever you go in Turkey, for the nature you should to Bursa Tour. It is long way but worth to do while in Istanbul. I highly recommend it to do everyone and experiences the nature and cable car sightseeing of bursa tour.

Bursa Tour From Istanbul

Jodie Waters

We have joined and done the Bursa tour from Istanbul with my friends. It is around 3 hours away from Istanbul. We used Bus and ferry with the Group Tour and car ferry is enjoyable with the view of the sea and land. We had a Tour Guide can speak English and Arabic languages. The Tour guide Musa was very nice. We used Teleferic which has a wonderful view. Lunch was very good as well, visited the Green Mosque and Green Tombs. It was well arranged group tour of bursa. Recommended.

Bursa tour

Dee Pika Raee

Bursa Tour was fantastic. Thanks

Bes of Bursa

Bullet Krish

We have had the great time in Bursa. We went to bursa before, this was the best of Bursa with my friends. This time we went with my family, we return from bursa yester day and i wanted to leave a note here, it was excellent. Thanks.

Bursa Tour

Rene Weiher

Me and my family booked bursa tour long time ago and we had joined, in the beginning it seems long way to go but, on the way, it was amazing marmara sea journey by car ferry and bus sightseeing was excellent from yalova to bursa. Bursa is excellent city to be in and discover the history. the bost beautiful thing in bursa is mountain and green mosque and green tomb for history and most beautiful part of the tour is cable car that takes you to the mountain and gives you amazing view of the city and nature during the journey. On top of mountain, we spent great time and had change to use Atv motors. At the end we returned Istanbul with and great day. I want to thank to everyone who helped us to have such a great day, especially i want to thank to our tour guide musa who was helper and knowledgeable, friendly. If you are reading this review, you may try to have your experiences. All the best.

Bursa Tour

Akbar Khan

We have enjoyed our day in Bursa, the city is very nice and great. Thanks to everyone we enjoyed the tour and organization.

Bursa Tour

Andrew Cutts

Enjoyable, and reasonable price for bursa tour. The tour was good, the tour guide and plane was well. we enjoyed the cable car and spending time on the uludag mountain. Thanks. It was a worth to do for us because it was recommended to do from Istanbul.

Bursa Tour

Sayan Chakrabity

Me and my son enjoyed the city of Bursa and Uludag mounatin's activites, thanks to everyone. We have good time. The day was longer but worth to spend a day in Bursa and around. Thanks.

Bursa Tour

Claire Peterson

The bursa tour which we have had, was excellent, the tour guide, car, sightseeing, was great. Thanks to everyone, we have spent great time yesterday.

Bursa Tour

James Daniel

Bursa Tour was exellent, thanks for your great hospitality and tour service.

Bursa Tour

Anick Riviere

We have spent excellent time in bursa. our tour guide was excellent and knowledgeable, friendly, we started early in the morning and finished late in the evenning. Thanks to everyone as promissed. We have had the great experiences of green mosque and tomb, cable car and lunch on the mountain, free time for self discovery, ferr journey was also exellent. All the best.

Burs tour

Adan Bhatti

Me and my family joined to bursa tour and enjoyed lots. It was nice to spend time in the nature and visit some history during the our holiday in Bursa. Thanks to everyone.

Bursa Tour

Emily Smith

Bursa Tour, wa excellent, we enjoyed and spend great time in Istanbul.

Bursa Tour

Lette Wite

Bursa Tour, if you think to visit Bursa, the bursa tour from istanbul is the best way to go, visit and return to Istanbul in a day. I hihgly recommend to everyone. It is beautiful with its green and offering excellent experiences in nature.

Bursa Tour

Tommy Schmidt

Bursa tour which we had done was nice, we enjoyed and my family had good day, thanks.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

AnnaMay Taylor

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul, me and my family, joined to bursa tour from istanbul, it was nice, but i need to tell everyone, please, please, be ready on time fo pick up service, becauese we waiting from 08:40 am, normaly our pick up time for bursa tour was 08:15 to 30 pm, we wait 10 minutes more and it is realy difficult, Any how if we will not consider pick up time, everything was excellent, thanks to our bursa tour guide and driver, we have had enjoyable and funny day in bursa, i highly recommend to everyone to go bursa and enjoy the nature and history of first capital city of Ottoman Empire.

Bursa Tour

Joy Quintilis

"Bursa Tour" Yesterday, i had done the bursa tour, it was excellent and we have had great experiences and enjoyed our day in Bursa. Thanks.

Bursa Tour

Dina Buchner

"Bursa Tour" Why did i go to Bursa Tour? the bursa tour was recommended to go and i wanted to see if it is nice as it was. When i was in istanbul, i joined to bursa tour, it was about 15 - 20 people in our group, bursa is so famous in the country as well, i think everyone is going to spend nice even a day in Bursa. It was great and green city. I enjoyed the nature and my tour of Bursa. I highly recommend to go and spend a day in Bursa.

Bursa Tour

Indriy Ani

"Bursa Tour" Me and my wife went to bursa tours from istanbul, it was an excellet natural tour and spent great time on top of mountain, cable car tour of mountain, hiring an Atv discovering the mountaing. I highly recommend to everyone. Bursa Tour is excellent.

Bursa Tour

Yuvi Patel

"Bursa Tour"
Me and my family we visited the city of Bursa. Bursa tour is worth to do in a day while in Istanbul, if you like to visit natural beaty of the city. Highly recommend. I willy recommend bursa tour to all my friends thanks.

Bursa Tour

Ria Panter

Bursa Tour, me and my family we went to bursa yesterday. Bursa tour was excellent with its car ferry and bus sightseeing journey from Istanbul.

Bursa Tour

David Wang

"Bursa Tour"

Bursa tour is great and excellent tour to visit the city of Bursa. Thanks for all your help.

Day trip to Bursa from Istanbul

Ria Pain

Day trip to Bursa from Istanbul, we and my family we joined to bursa tour from istanbul, it was a nice day, it is an enjoyable tour and tour guide was helpful and car was comfortable. It was nice, thank you.

Bursa Tour

Alcia Pola

"Bursa Tour"

We went to Istanbul and then continue to Bursa, but in same day it was not possible becuase Bursa tour was starting at 08:00 am with pick ups, joined to bursa tour from istanbul next day, which was excellent. I understood that the tour is excellent because of the sites but, mostly tour guide, driver and service. We have had great time while visiting and spending time in the nature, but our tour guide and driver were also excellent and helping for everything you need, because i had free, and told with some one who joined to outher company they were not happy with the tour guide. I want to thank to our tour guide and driver, they were nice and helping us. All the best.

Bursa tour

Mutiara Senja

Bursa tour, everyone should do.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

Jayaprakash Pillai

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul we have had great time in Bursa. Thanks to everyone who helped up t have great time in our bursa tour. Especially our tour guide of Bursa, Mustafa, i want to thank to him, he helped us for all our needs.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

Alkesh Shigwan

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul, The bursa tour is great, enjoyable and relaxing within the nature of Uludag mountain. We spent great time during the journey of car ferry from Istanbul and in the city centre and Uludag in Bursa. I highly recommend to everyone. Go Bursa and spend a great day.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

Virnia Burris

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul, we have spend lots of great time in bursa. Thanks to everyone of bursa-tour.com workers. I will recommend your service and bursa tour. All the best.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

Vishal Basfor

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul, me and my family we went to bursa tour and joined a small group to bursa tour, tour guide and touring of bursa was excellent. I mostly liked the cable car sightseeing and top of mountain of Uludag, Highly recommend to everyone go to Bursa or make the bursa tour from istanbul.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

Herbert Haynes

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul, enjoyed the nature and bursa tour with the informative tour and having time for shopping. The great part of the tour is cable car, walking on top of mountain Uludag, car ferry and watching the see and Asia and Europ during the journey and enjoying the day of bursa tour.

Bursa Tour

Tomas Amarilla

"Bursa Tour"
Me and my family together we went to city of Bursa with a group of Bursa Tour by departed from istanbul early in the morning. We used the car ferry, coach to arrive to city of Bursa then we enjoyed the great bursa tour.

The bursa tour was excellent with the service of pick up, drop off, guiding and barbecue lunch on the mountain.
During the bursa tour, we used the cable car, enjoyed the walking on top off mountain, joined to the ski activity and Atv renting. At the end of the our bursa tour, return to istanbul late in the evening. It was long day but it was worth to do to join to the nature and some history to be out of cwords for a day.

Bursa Tour

Johnn Fletcherry

"Bursa Tour"
We have spent great time in bursa tour, our bursa tour guide was excellent and informed us about everything we wondered. The bursa tour is one of the tour that i will recommend to everyone i know to go and visit for the nature in Turkey. We enjoyed lots during the bursa tour from istanbul and tour guide of bursa was very friendly and knowledgeable.

The Bursa Day Tour from Istanbul is my favorite things to do in Istanbul. I will recommend to everyone

Bursa Tour


Bursa Tour was great,

The bursa tour which have had with the great experiences was excellent.
This bursa tour with its service, is the bursa tour that i will recommend to everyone while in Istanbul to go bursa and discover.
Th bursa's tour guide with us all day long was excellent, friendly and gave us informative bursa tour.

Bursa Tour

Priyanka Mondal

Bursa Tour!
The bursa tour which we had done from Istanbul was excellent. The tour guide of bursa was also excellent. pick up and drop off service and people of bursa tour was very kind, we enjoyed our bursa tour from istanbul. We will recommend your bursa tour service. Especially, we recommend your bursa tour. Me and my family we have had excellent time in Bursa, we had visited the great sites in bursa and used the cable car to climb up to mountain and it was most beautiful part of bursa tour that i can say. Take care.

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul

Jadavji Patel

Bursa Day Tour From Istanbul, bursa city was wonderful. Especially i liked the Cable car and mountain walking. highly recommend.

316 Reviews

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